Friday, October 30, 2015

A.M.A. vs the "Outlaw" Motorcycle Clubs

There has been a long standing feud between the American Motorcyclists Association and the "Outlaw" Motorcycle Clubs, which continues on to this date. The feud all started over racing in Southern California. The A.M.A. held racing events for A.M.A. members and A.M.A. clubs only, but the "Outlaw" clubs thought they should be included. The "Outlaw" clubs also held racing events which was open to anyone who paid the entrance fee to race, even if they were an A.M.A. member. Due to the "Outlaw" clubs having no national organization and required no membership fees, the race pay outs were less then the A.M.A. races. The 1947 Hollister California A.M.A. Gypsy Tour event had a cash pay out of $4000, which is why the event had such a large turn out.

1965 - "Outlaws" trying to enter an A.M.A. SoCal race, A.M.A. not allowing Outlaws into the race, Police stand-by
(Hells Angels, Galloping Goose and Comancheros MC's)

"Outlaws" waiting outside while not being allowed into the above A.M.A. race

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